Louise Barry, is a Cork born singer-songwriter-dancer-actress-performer, and published writer working as an advocate for mental health now living in West Waterford and has amazed audiences with her talents for more than two decades. In music, she found the home she longed for.

When she was eight, her teacher noticed her dancing on top of her desk, belting out numbers from the musical, “Grease.”

Four years later, Louise’s dream was to join her hometown’s entry into Ireland’s “Top of the Clubs,” which is the national performing arts competition but sadly circumstances dictated her entry.

Instead, she stood outside, watching through the windows and dreaming she was dancing, too.

Louise would often study how the instructor would teach the dancers and in turn, she taught herself how to imitate how they moved.

Photograph by Pawel Lorenc – I Do Photography

Louise then went on to apply to be part of Sir Paul McCartney’s The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts where she was given an unconditional offer to the prestigious university.

She impressed her professors with her performances and was asked one day to sing.

So shy and self-conscious, she closed her eyes and turned her back to the crowd.

While the professor played the piano, she sang the Fiona Apple song, “I Know.”

When she finished, she heard nothing and opened her eyes.

She noticed fellow students staring at each other and glanced at her professor, wiping tears away as she asked, “Where did you learn to do that?”

Louise said nothing.

“Are you a professional singer?” the professor asked.


“You should be.”

Within 10 days, she was auditioning for an EMI recording contract. She wowed those listening and was signed to be a part of the new girl group, Minx.

As they readied to shoot the video of their first single, one singer descended into addiction, and EMI decided to scrap the album, rather than spend the money to relaunch the project.

However, Louise soon began her own home studio, learning how to write and record songs.

Photograph by Pawel Lorenc – I Do Photography

She also collaborated with a professional filmmaker to make her first music video, a unique cover of a-ha’s “Take on Me.”

She made her acting debut in a fundraiser for a performing arts school in Waterford, Ireland. She played the lead in “Fame” in another fundraiser.

Bank Studios commissioned her to work on the performance art installation, “The Secret Kingdom,” where she performed and sang songs she wrote.

Ireland’s National Arts Officer Conor Nolan praised it as the most interesting installation he had ever seen.

Louise collaborated with famed Irish guitarist Peter Lee, singing songs for a fundraiser for Dogs for the Disabled.

She sang at festivals and other events across Ireland, including a variety show, where critics praised her depth of emotion and “almost other-worldly” voice.

She continued to shoot music videos and write songs, including her collaboration with the award-winning producer of “Beyond the Clones.”

Famed songwriter Tom Robinson featured her music on his BBC show.

Louise worked for the Waterford Arts Council. She served as arts administrator for the Dungarvan Town Hall Theater. She also worked at the Old Market House Arts Center, which began in 1886.

Most recently, Louise not only performed in “No Borders,” but she also wrote all the soundscapes and music, which brought needed light to the Syrian refugee crisis.

She collaborated in writing the songs and sang “War Separates” for the stage show, which featured children of refugee families. She toured Ireland, performing for many of the country’s top officials. 

As a solo artist Louise has written and performed songs like Stolen Time. Lousie continues to use her voice and life experience in music in her current project called “Frozen Stares’ and was been nominated for Waterford Music week supported by WLRFM An IMRO.

Louise is a published author with the Book Hub Publishing Mental Health for Millenials VOL4. In this chapter, she explored her life’s journey to music and how it has helped her well-being. Louise intends to write further and explore her journey further in MH4M Vol 6.